Easy, stress-free outdoor play ideas

As a parent, carer or grandparent, you may remember playing outside alone or with friends and family being as simple and straightforward as putting on your trainers and heading out the door.

These days, with regular reminders about the dangers of traffic in our communities, outdoor play can feel less care-free and more of a planned outing. This can cause parents and carers to feel pressured into making it an exciting and worthwhile trip.

However, playing outdoors doesn’t need to feel like a big event. It also doesn’t need to be costly or require much travel. There are lots of ways to play outdoors that can happen close to home for no cost, and that children will enjoy and have fun doing. All children need is the time, space and freedom to play outside and let their imaginations run wild.

Here the Musinguzi family share their thoughts and ideas about making outdoor play fun:


… So let’s keep it simple – grab your coat and trainers, and head outdoors for some unplanned fun, like the good old days!

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