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Supporting Teenagers

Playing, hanging out, relaxing and socialising are important parts of teenagers’ lives. They contribute to teenagers’ sense of identity as well as their development and wellbeing.

Teenage years can be full of opportunities, but also changes and upheavals. There is a lot going on physically, mentally and socially that teenagers have to deal with. It’s important for them to be able to let off steam, have a laugh and try things out. It’s also a time for them to discover likes and dislikes, to change their mind about things and make mistakes or change path. Lots of this happens through playing, socialising and relaxing.

Children grow and develop at their own pace. There isn’t a straight path from early childhood through the teenage years to adulthood that everyone follows.

Your teenager will have their own unique set of life experiences as they grow up whether that is family events, health or additional support needs, or simply discovering their own take on the world and their likes and dislikes.

Understanding teenagers’ need to play, relax and socialise can help you to manage the challenges and rewards of being a parent or carer to teenagers.

In this section you'll find support for parents and carers of teenagers.

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