Autumn – the season for play

The arrival of autumn often signals chillier weather, shorter days, and the occasional rain shower. While it's tempting to huddle indoors, there's an exciting world of play waiting just outside, wherever you live.

This season is all about embracing the change and encouraging children to explore, discover new things, and play. Here are some fun autumn play activities to help your family make the most of this time of year. Take a look at our five autumn play ideas video for inspiration, as well as our bonus top five ideas list below.

Bonus top five ideas

1. Go on a welly walk: Even if it's rained recently, don't let that dampen your spirits. Instead, put on your trusty wellington boots, venture out and see who can find the muddiest puddle to splash in!

2. Hunt for conkers: Autumn is prime time for conker collecting. Not only are conkers exciting to find amongst the fallen leaves – they’re also great for playing games. Check out our Come to pay conkers! video for more information.

3. Gaze at the stars: The earlier onset of night during autumn provides a great opportunity for stargazing. Pick a clear evening and see how many stars, planets or constellations you can spot in the sky.

4. Make mud pies: If you've got a patch of mud in your garden or nearby, it's time to get your hands dirty. There’s nothing like boosting children’s creative play with mud and mess! Plus, the rain will wash everything away, ready for next time.

5. Dive into pumpkin carving: With Halloween around the corner, pumpkins are in abundance. Why not pick up some safe tools and let your child try their hand at pumpkin carving? Children can use their imagination to create funny faces, spooky patterns or any design they fancy – just make sure an adult is on hand to supervise.

In essence, autumn is a season that encourages us to adapt, explore, and, most importantly, play. It's about discovering joy in the little things, even if it's just the rustling of leaves underfoot or the twinkle of a distant star. So, embrace the season's spirit and let your imagination run wild. Autumn awaits!

Playing in the winter is brrrr-illiant!

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