Children and teenagers can have their say through the Welsh Youth Parliament

Does your child have an issue or need that matters to them, that they want to raise their voice and take action about? If so, they could get involved with the Welsh Youth Parliament.

What is the Welsh Youth Parliament?

The Welsh Youth Parliament gives children and teenagers in Wales the chance to have their say about their rights and about the things that matter to them. It gives them a chance to tell decision makers in Wales what they think – about things like their right to play, as well as their education, health, the environment and more.

The Welsh Youth Parliament is run by children and teenagers. It is made up of 60 members aged 11 to 18 years old from all over Wales who are voted for every two years in elections. If your child is between 11 and 18 years old, living or receiving their education in Wales, they are entitled to vote in these elections, or even nominate themselves as a candidate!

Get involved

 In May 2024 the next Welsh Youth Parliament election campaign begins. During the campaign children and teenagers can register to vote, nominate themselves as a candidate, and talk about the issues that most affect them as a young person in Wales.

If your child would like to be involved, make sure to follow the Welsh Youth Parliament on Facebook, X/Twitter or Instagram and keep an eye on the website for further information closer to the time.

Find out more about Welsh Youth Parliament

Check out the Welsh Youth Parliament website to find out more about issues the members have been involved with, including:

#MySchoolDay – children and teenagers had their say about the Welsh Government’s idea to increase the length of the school day.

#YoungMindsMatter – children and teenagers voiced their thoughts about mental health issues and the support available.

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