Bonkers for conkers

Through our campaign Project Play Autumn, we’re going bonkers for conkers!

Why conkers?

As part of Project Play, we wanted to display how the Autumn is a perfect time to go out to play and explore. One game we are focusing on is conkers.

Due to emotional and physical health being so important for a child’s happiness and development, we are focusing on playing conkers because it encourages children to go out to play in the fresh air and pull them away from screens … and of course give the game a chance to be popular again!

 Can’t remember how to play conkers?

 We’ve created a handy video to remind you!

Step by step guide on how to play conkers:

  • Items you need for a game of conkers
  • How to prepare for a game of conkers
  • How to play.

And now you are ready for battle!

 How can I take part?

We want to see you go bonkers for conkers. Tag us on social media – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – and use the hashtag #ProjectPlay so we can share!

Our website is full of useful and practical and tips and ideas to encourage your children to get outside, play and explore this autumn – from preparing your child to play outside safely and confidently, to how to deal with play fighting and rough & tumble, to ideas about what other stuff your child can play with.  

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