Games for playing at home

The closure of playgrounds and schools doesn't mean that playing has to stop. Children still want to and need to play every day – wherever they are. So, we asked you to share short videos of your children’s favourite games for playing at home.

After our call out, we have put your top five ideas into a short video to help inspire other families across Wales.



Take a look at our indoor play section for more simple ideas.

Why play matters

Playing – indoors and outdoors – is good for children. When children choose what to play, who to play with, and how to organise their play, they have more fun. Children also develop and learn in all sorts of ways while playing. Playing helps children develop self-esteem, imagination, creativity, co-ordination, confidence, concentration communication skills, balance … but most of all playing is fun!

Get involved in the fun

What’s your child’s favourite game to play indoors? Let us know!

Also, what about sharing photos of your children taking part in these games?

Tag us on social media – FacebookInstagram and Twitter – and use the #CoronaPlay or #PlayAtHome hashtag.


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