Give children a chance to play beyond the school gates

The uniform is ironed, the shoes are polished, the bags are packed – it’s time for children to go back to school after the summer holidays. 

The Summer of Play may be over but making time for play with your child doesn’t stop in the holidays. Continue the fun by encouraging your children to play after school.

Playing after school 

Playing is important for children’s health, well-being and development. Giving your children plenty of time and space to play after school – at home and out in their community – is crucial for their happiness. Playing has all sorts of benefits for children – physical, mental, emotional and social – but most importantly playing is fun!

There are many quick and easy ways to play after school. Here are our five simple ideas to make your child’s evening playful: 

  1. Head to the playground 
  2. Explore the garden or the local park 
  3. Drum with pots and pans 
  4. Play hide and seek 
  5. Play a game of tag. 

More play ideas

Let’s play this half term!

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