Let’s go outside and play

Playing outdoors is good for children. They develop and learn in all sorts of ways while playing… but most of all, children have fun when they are playing!

Over the last few months, children’s opportunities to play outdoors have been limited. Now that some restrictions relating to the coronavirus pandemic have eased, such as the reopening of playgrounds, children can start to enjoy the outdoors again, whatever the Welsh weather throws at us!

Why is playing outdoors important?

Playing outdoors:

  • gives children space to run, climb, roll, jump, hide, and use up energy
  • means children can play with natural things like water, sand, mud, grass, bark and twigs
  • allows children to discover the natural world, for example seeing which creatures come out in different weather
  • helps children learn about the seasons and our wide range of weather by experiencing what they are like
  • helps children learn about looking after themselves – for example, being aware of how slippery ice can be, and of the need to drink water and wear a hat when it’s sunny
  • helps develop children’s senses – sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste
  • is less stressful and annoying for adults if children are noisy outdoors, rather than indoors
  • is fun!

Outdoor play ideas

If your children need a little inspiration on what to play outdoors, here are a few ideas:

  1. Make a den
  2. Hopscotch
  3. Hide and seek
  4. Mud pie
  5. Bug hunt
  6. Build a bug hotel
  7. Camp in the garden
  8. Put on a music festival for your family
  9. Treasure hunt
  10. The floor is lava
  11. Outdoor tea party
  12. Obstacle course.

Get involved

What do your children enjoy playing outdoors?

Join in with Playful Summer by sharing your play ideas with us – tag us on social media –  FacebookInstagram and Twitter – and don’t forget to use the #PlayfulSummer hashtag.

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