Top 25 play ideas for the summer holidays

This summer, we’re encouraging families to help their children enjoy a Summer of Play throughout the entire summer holidays.

To help adults to give children a summer full of fun and play, here are our top 25 play ideas that are simple and low cost:

  1. Play a game of tag
  2. Play hide and seek
  3. Play hopscotch
  4. Make a den
  5. Climb a tree
  6. Roll down a hill
  7. Have a wheelbarrow race
  8. Chase bubbles
  9. Make a mud pie
  10. Have a water fight
  11. Make a car, castle or spaceship with cardboard boxes
  12. Play the floor is lava
  13. Dress up
  14. Host a teddy bear’s picnic
  15. Have fun with chalk
  16. Play musical statues
  17. Camp in the garden
  18. Make musical instruments with old household items
  19. Put on a music festival
  20. Have fun with balloons – keepy uppy and races with balloons between legs
  21. Make a fingerprint or handprint painting
  22. Make sock puppets
  23. Go on a bug hunt
  24. Make an obstacle course
  25. Go on a treasure hunt.

Get involved

We want to hear about your children’s play ideas for the summer – share with us on social media using the #SummerOfPlay hashtag.

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