“What can we play?”

As we continue to spend more time in our homes and away from our families and friends this bank holiday weekend, how about trying some of our latest play ideas?

To help inspire your children – and the whole family – we have put together a list of 50 ideas to play at home:

  1. Bubble printing and painting
  2. Bug hunt
  3. Build a bug hotel
  4. Build a tall stack with a pack of cards
  5. Build your own creation with blocks or lego
  6. Camp indoors or in the garden
  7. Card games – snap, pairs
  8. Charades / Give us a clue
  9. Chase your shadow
  10. Colour in some of our cartoons
  11. Create a movie
  12. Create shadow puppets
  13. Customise old clothes to make new outfits
  14. Drawing games – ‘Pictionary’, noughts and crosses, hangman
  15. Fun with balloons – keepy uppy, races with balloons between legs, static on your hair, try and get it to stick to a wall using only static electricity
  16. Get creative with toilet roll tubes – make animals, rockets
  17. Go on an indoor bear hunt
  18. Have a go at juggling
  19. Jenga (get creative – use tupperware boxes, empty containers)
  20. Make a bookmark for the new Fun in the garden storybook
  21. Make a hammock out of a sheet and a table
  22. Make a racetrack with masking tape
  23. Make a scrap book
  24. Make a tower of shoes
  25. Make bubbles
  26. Make can and string ‘radios’
  27. Make clothes for dolls or teddy bears
  28. Make dream catchers
  29. Make fingerprint or handprint paintings
  30. Make fortunetellers / chatterboxes
  31. Make friendship bands
  32. Make musical instruments with old household items
  33. Make superhero masks and capes with old sheets or fabric
  34. Memory games / word association games
  35. Musical chairs
  36. Musical statues
  37. Paint each other’s faces
  38. Pass the parcel
  39. Pin the tale on the donkey
  40. Play tennis with a balloon/rolled up sock and paper plates or hands
  41. Pretend to be animals and have a zoo or jungle parade (walk like an elephant or monkey or duck or….)
  42. Put on a music festival for your family
  43. Put on a puppet performance
  44. Sardines
  45. Ten pin bowling with re-used plastic pop/juice bottles
  46. Use masking tape to create games on the floor – snakes and ladders, obstacle course
  47. Use your socks to make funny pictures or spell out words
  48. Vegetable printing
  49. Who am I? guessing game (sticky note on your forehead with the name of a famous person)
  50. Wool/string spiders web – try and climb through it!

Get involved

50 indoor play ideas can be printed and shared – how many can your family complete over the bank holiday weekend?

Also, share your play ideas with us – tag us on social media – FacebookInstagram and Twitter – and use the #CoronaPlay or #PlayAtHome hashtags.

Did you know we also have another list of 35 indoor play ideas? Give them a go too!

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