How to stop traffic getting in the way of play

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How to stop traffic getting in the way of play

Fast-moving traffic in residential areas is one of the biggest dangers to children. Children say it’s the main thing that stops them from playing outside.

So, with more and more people owning and driving cars, how can we make our local communities safer for children?

Change our own driving habits

If everyone used their cars less and slowed down when they drove, children and adults would be safer.

Lobby our political representatives

Talk to community councils, local authorities, local Assembly Members and Members of Parliament. Things like pedestrian crossings, slower speed limits and traffic calming measures can help slow down traffic.

Involve children

Get children to explain why it matters – adults will often listen to them. They can design posters asking drivers to slow down, and talk to the adults in their lives about how cars spoil their play. Seeing children out in the community can also make drivers take more care.

Highlight safe walking and cycling routes

Our local councils can help with signs and maps about the safe walking and cycling routes in our communities to help children – and adults – get around safely.

Teach children about road safety

Children can learn about road safety from an early age. When we walk with our children we can talk to them about safe places to cross and checking for oncoming traffic. Many children receive road safety training at primary school, too.