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Playful Childhoods aims to help parents, carers and community groups give children plenty of good opportunities to play.

Having the chance to play is an important part of a happy and healthy childhood for every child. Playing is fun and has always been part how children learn and grow. It is one of the most important parts of their lives – children value having time, space and freedom to play at home and in their local community.

As adults, it’s our responsibility to make sure this happens.

Most of us have good and happy memories of playing and recognise the value of play. But a strong sense of responsibility to keep children safe and busy creates a challenge for parents and communities.

Playful parenting

Parents and carers are important supporters of play for children – no matter how old they are. Whether your child is playing peek-a-boo, jumping in puddles, or starting to want to venture out on their own with friends, the Playful Parenting section of the website provides helpful reminders, ideas and tips about play for all children.

Playful communities 

Groups such as residents associations, Parent Teacher Associations in schools and town and community councils all have an important part to play. Groups like these can support by organising outdoor events or campaigning for children’s play areas and by helping to promote changes in attitudes and practices. The Playful Communities section of the website contains a range of information and tips to help groups to consider children’s play in their community.

Playful Childhoods 

We worked with parents to create information and ideas to support:

  • parents in giving their children opportunities to play
  • parents so they feel confident about letting their children play outside in the community
  • the development of playful communities for children across Wales
  • a shared understanding of the importance of play for children and teenagers by all adults across Wales.

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Playful Childhoods is a Play Wales campaign.


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