Every child has the right to play

World Children’s Day is celebrated each year on 20 November, but it’s important for us as parents and carers to continue to support children’s rights every day. This includes children’s right to play.

Children’s rights are recognised in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). The convention lists the 42 rights children and teenagers (under the age of 18) have. It applies to all children and teenagers – whoever they are, wherever they live and whatever they believe.

Playing is your child’s right wherever they are – at home, in childcare and at school. So, we must ensure our children have the space, time and freedom to play today, tomorrow and every day.

To help, we have some free resources and posters about children’s right to play. They can be shared with other children and adults – it’s a great way to remind others about how important playing is.

“We aren’t that different to you, we just make TikToks”

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