Playing at home guide

Despite the current pandemic, your children will still need and want to play. Having the chance to play is an important part of a happy and healthy childhood for every child. Making time and space for your children to play at home every day is important.

We have put together a handy guide to help you to support your children to have plenty of good opportunities to play. The Playing at home guide provides helpful reminders, ideas and tips about play for all children – no matter how old they are.

The guide features information about: 

  • Why play matters for your child
  • Supporting children’s well-being through play
  • Parenting playfully
  • Screen time – for children of all ages
  • Preparing your child to play out confidently

… and plenty of free and simple play ideas for all the family.

Your friends and family may find the Playing at home guide useful too – please feel free to share it with them.  

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