Playing in the winter is brrrr-illiant!


Winter is here and the temperature is dropping, which often leads to spending much less time outside – especially when it comes to playing. But being outdoors, even in colder weather, is beneficial to children in many ways. It can provide lots of different opportunities to be playful, as well as help children to stay active, develop healthy immune systems, use their imagination, be creative and get familiar with the changes of the season.

Encouraging children to spend time outside in cold weather can be challenging. However, wrapping up in scarves, gloves, hats, wellies or boots, coats and plenty of layers can help children to stay warm and comfortable outdoors.

It’s also an exciting time of year to experience being outdoors – where the darker nights are coupled with twinkly lights and decorations on streets, in gardens and through windows. On a clear night, even just looking up at a starry sky can feel magical and full of possibility.

Meeting friends outdoors to enjoy a wintery run-around can also encourage children to forget the cold and enjoy time in the fresh air… And let’s not forget – simply chatting about whether a snow day is on the horizon can send children off in a flurry of excitement!

For some inspiration to embrace playing in the winter, take a look at our list of eight easy and fun ideas:

  1. go on a torchlit walk around your neighbourhood
  2. do a winter scavenger hunt (watch out for prickly holly!)
  3. make a winter bird seed feeder to hang in the garden
  4. build a den in the woods, garden or indoors
  5. collect natural things to make some seasonal crafts
  6. go on a sound hunt to listen out for owls and other birds
  7. make ice by freezing water outdoors


Last but not least – should that snow day arrive…

  1. Wanna build a snowman?


Find even more inspiration

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