Preparing children to play outside safely and confidently

As children get older, they will want to go outside to play and hang out with friends without their parents. Naturally as a parent, you may have some concerns about this. To help, here are some ideas to prepare your child to play outside safely and confidently:

Prepare your child to be safe around roads

Prepare your child to walk and cycle independently by explaining and showing them from an early age how they can keep themselves safe on and around roads.

Help your child to get to know your neighbourhood

Walk and cycle with your child in your local area. Help them identify safe routes to play spaces and to the other places they need to go.

Take a community approach to play

Get to know local people – neighbours and other families – and agree to keep an eye out for the children in your neighbourhood. Children will be safer if more of them play outside.

For more ideas, go to our how to prepare your child to play outside safely and confidently guide

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