Top tips for parenting playfully

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Top tips for parenting playfully

Here are our top tips for parenting playfully:

Let your child choose what they play, how they play and who they play with.

In their day-to-day lives, children get a lot of instruction from adults, so playing in their free time should be led by them.

Let your child solve their own problems

Showing them the ‘right way’ to do something stops them from discovering things for themselves. They’ll learn a lot more if they work it out.

Take a step back and keep an eye on your child from a distance

They are more likely to play in their own way, and they will benefit from experimenting and experiencing things for themselves. They won’t need a detailed plan of activities.

Let your child enjoy physical challenges like climbing trees or balancing on a wall

Try not to be overprotective. The worst that can happen is usually a bump, a bruise or a scrape.

Give your child a few things to help them play in their own way

All they need is a few toys, everyday household items, and play resources. Some of the things that will encourage them to be creative and use their imaginations are:

  • fabric
  • guttering
  • cardboard boxes and tubes
  • tyres
  • sticks
  • tarpaulins
  • string
  • rope.